Vanessa La Rose - Founder & Creative Director

Utilising design and lazer cutting techniques; Love & Lazer combines my passion for creativity and expression.  

Since I can remember, I've always been interested in design and different aspects of art, studying it at secondary school, college and university.   For many years I worked in a  full time job whilst designing and producing products in my spare time -

erratically trying to split my time between the two plus raisie a family (yep crazy!!).
So at the end of 2016 I decided (with the support of my husband) to resign from my

full time job and focus on what is now Love & Lazer!

However at the beginning of 2017 I had to put Love & Lazer on hold to take on a mammoth project; New Beacon Books. For those of you unaware of this book shop, it was established in 1966 by John La Rose and Sarah White and was the UK's first publishing house and book shop specialising in Caribbean & African literature. It was set to close but I felt there was still a place for it in the community and set about making that happen. Fast forward two years and I'm pleased to say New Beacon Books is thriving, so it's now time to get back to me.  

I take huge inspiration from my travels (and boy do I love a holiday), my eclectic and varied love of music (helps to keep me sain), fashion and current trends.   

​Every product listed on this website is designed and created by me. I don't have a huge manufacturing warehouse full of people producing my products (well, not yet anyway lol), so rest assure each piece I create is lazered with love (see what i did there!!).  Not forgetting that I also make commissioned pieces too, so if you're after something that isn't listed - just drop me an email and I'll see what I can do.

My sister company; Venus Island (created in 2012) focuses on jewellery and accessories inspired by the cultures of Africa & the Caribbean. Everything is designed, cut and hand painted in-house.

We welcome custom orders too. 

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